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Willard Fire District Map

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Hear The Beep Where You Sleep

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Think Of Fire Before It Starts


The precautions to prevent potentially harmful fires, surviving and reducing the damage caused by emergencies.

Fire Prevention


The tools and information for teaching people of all ages about the fire and how to make choices regarding safety.

Public Education


Get more information about the Willard Fire Protection District, including the fire district map.

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To proudly protect lives and property by providing prompt, skillful, cost-effective fire protection and life-safety services to the citizens and visitors within the boundaries of Willard Fire Protection District.


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Fire Prevention – Kitchen Safety

Every year in October, we are gearing up for a busy month. It’s Fire Prevention Month with an emphasis on Fire Prevention Week. This year’s week is October 4 – 10. Each year, the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) picks a theme to focus on. This year’s theme, Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen!™ […]

Fall Prevention

In fire and life safety education we tend to focus on teaching children about fire prevention because it’s an easy topic and kids are like sponges, eager to learn. But fire and life safety focus are just as important for adults. One of the many September highlights is fall prevention. Were you aware that falls […]

Back to School Safety

We recently had the quarterly Chamber of Commerce meeting. As members, we were able to listen to many other members of our community share highlights and also concerns related to COVID19. Our school leadership was able to communicate what the opening of school would look like for 2020. As we sat and listened, I became […]

When to Call 911

When we go to the Willard Public Schools, one of the first questions we ask is “what do you do in an emergency?”  Kids begin yelling “Call 911!” Then there are inevitably the kids that yell “Stop, Drop, and Roll!” Of course this always makes us laugh but the truth is, sometimes the general public […]

Fire Prevention Reminders

As firefighters, we take our jobs seriously. That not only means meeting you in your time of need but also educating you on ways you can be safe and prevent the need to meet us in person. So let’s focus on some important messages you may need to be reminded of: Fire Prevention and Safety […]

Fireworks Safety

It’s beginning to look like this 4th of July will not look like others in the past. Willard Parks and Recreation is working on an alternative to Freedom Fest but it may mean more people are lighting off fireworks on their own. This brings concern for our district’s well-being and safety. So, with that information […]

You Can Be Our Hero

We all have seen movies or TV shows showing the firefighters running into the burning home and saving all the occupants while running through the flames. Although we do run into burning buildings and we do save people, the reality is, we may not always get there in time. This is the brutal truth. The […]

Think Home Fire Safety

There is no place like home. Don’t let your home go up in smoke! Here are some important ways to keep your home safe from fire. Make these a top priority. Download this home safety checklist to make sure your home is safe.

Download Home Safety Checklist

Child’s Car Seat Safety Check

Willard Fire Protection District now has three (3) car seat technicians able to check your child’s car seat for you.

If you want your car seat checked, give us a call or email us for a time. Phone number: 417-685-3114

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