Fire Safety Materials To Help Keep You Safe

Education is the key to fire safety. Use the materials on this page to learn more about fire, fire safety and prevention. The materials included are short videos that will help you understand various facts about fire, how to plan in case of a fire and ways to lessen the risks of starting unwanted fires. There are several guides and checklists that you can download to help you plan and prepare. We recommend starting with these three, but be sure to check out all materials as they apply to you.

Fire safety checklist
Fire protection & escape plans
Keep your home safe checklist


October 8 - 14 2017

Download this handy guide to smoke alarms so you know how to test, replace and install smoke alarms.

The Essentials

Home Fire Sprinklers

Have Two Ways Out

Practice an Escape Plan

At Risk Populations

Campus Fire Safety

Smoking and Fire Safety

Fire Safety for Older Adults

Keep Children Three Feet Away From Anything That Gets Hot

Older Adult Fire Safety

Fire Is Everyone’s Fight

Electrical & Holiday/Winter Fire Safety

Electrical Fire Safety in the Home

Holiday Fire Safety

Portable Heater Safety

Downloadable/Printable Guides & Checklists

Below are several printable checklists and guides to help you to create a fire safe home.  Download the guide(s) that are right for your living arrangement.  Be sure to go through the lists to be prepared and to have the right safety equipment and procedures in place.  Lives depend on it.

Home Safety Checklist

Protect Everyone

Home Fire Protection Plan

Cooking Safety Flyer

Open Flames Safety

Smoke Detectors

Homeowners & Renters Checklist

Safety Tips For Parents

Fire Prevention

Guides & Videos For Fire Prevention