Back to School Safety

We recently had the quarterly Chamber of Commerce meeting. As members, we were able to listen to many other members of our community share highlights and also concerns related to COVID19. Our school leadership was able to communicate what the opening of school would look like for 2020.

As we sat and listened, I became very aware of the impact COVID19 has had on our schools and our leadership BUT they remained so positive and so forward-thinking. I could not help but think how their positive and very heartfelt work will impact our Willard students as they come back to school on August 24. We have great leaders all around Willard!

As a community, we have an obligation to rally around our children’s leaders. Even if you do not have children in the school system, these leaders are training those children on how to be leaders of the future. We are all aware that they may not make the decisions that we would make but they also have a different perspective than we do.

What are our responsibilities as school begins in August? Let us run down a list for you…

  • School Zones – make sure you slow down and watch for children
  • School Buses – again, be aware and slow down as you approach a bus and make sure you stop when the extended stop-arm and flashing red lights are displayed.
  • School start-up and release times – be cautious during routine times of school going into session and releasing. Even at home, make sure to pay attention as you back out of your driveway and slow down after school in neighborhoods where kids might be playing outside.
  • Walkers/Bike riders – watch for kids walking or riding bikes to school.

Staying aware and driving slowly is one of the main ways to keep our school kids safe. Also, supporting our school leadership and our students is an important community obligation. Our kids are relying on us to make a safe environment for them to learn. This includes the process of getting them to and from school. Pay attention, be alert, and keep our kids safe!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to stop by the station which is located at 240 N state highway Z in Willard right across from the recreational center or call 417-685-3114.

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